CBD's future and how it will be used My Beeri is in the lead.

CBD's future and how it will be used My Beeri is in the lead.

7th Sep 2021

As a sector, we must invest in research to learn how CBD might help individuals suffering from a range of conditions. Parallel to this, we must raise public awareness about the origins and benefits of CBD, emphasising that it is completely safe and has nothing in common with its cousin marujana. It is crucial to recognise this distinction. Because consumers are unfamiliar with CBD and have frequently never heard of the firm selling it, trust is a major keyword in the industry. This is why, at Hide & Seek, we are completely committed to being as transparent and honest as possible, and we believe it is our obligation to educate the British public about CBD's benefits.

Our founder, Harry, has worked in the area's Origin40 CBD locations where Hide & Seek is offered, and his key takeaway is that people are curious. They're interested in learning more. They want to learn more about CBD and what effect it might have on them, specifically their health and lifestyle needs. Finally, the Origin 40 stores function as educational centres and are a valuable source of information in this emerging business.

As a result, we see a bright future for the British CBD industry, with more adoption, acceptance, and, most importantly, more individuals benefiting from the health benefits of include CBD in their daily routine.

If America is any indication, CBD will be seen in a range of products in the not-too-distant future! How about a CBD injection in your morning cappuccino? Is it okay to take a bath with CBD soap? How about a CBD muffin, a cup of tea, and a supplement? Is it feasible to combine CBD and alcohol in a CBD cocktail? We're excited to get started!

CBD offers a long list of health benefits, including inflammation and pain relief, stress and anxiety reduction, mood enhancement, relaxation and serenity, nausea relief, and more.

It's no wonder that the CBD wellness product market is expected to grow in the next years, given the benefits it may deliver to its users. This is due to its well-deserved reputation as a health and wellness product, as well as their capacity to alleviate the negative symptoms of a wide range of health issues. This appeals to a large number of consumers, and businesses are taking notice.

If you're interested in knowing more about what the future may hold, we've got you covered.

Future of CBD?

Most hemp products have a reputation for being psychoactive or for being used recreationally, which is based on a common misconception. Many clients are oblivious to the differences between THC and CBD and, as a result, prefer to mix the two without completely comprehending the implications. Cannabidiol has grown in popularity as people have gotten more aware about the two cannabinoids and what distinguishes them.

CBD products are becoming more popular in the health and wellness industry as the fog lifts, with sales of cannabidiol-based products in the US estimated to exceed $22 billion in the next three years.

This is the first chapter of a new book. Because CBD-infused products typically contain no or very low amounts of THC, consumers are more inclined to test them.

Apart from the attention it is getting from Wall Street, other businesses are realising that CBD products are a far higher-margin commodity than dried cannabis flower or marijuana. This new generation of cannabis users prefers alternative consuming methods. Only a few examples include vaping, edibles, tablets, topicals, cosmetics, concentrates, and oils.

Is CBD considered a narcotic?

To make matters worse, the European Commission announced in July 2020 that all CBD novel food processes would be halted since CBD could be classified as a narcotic substance and so would never be certified as a novel food. This, obviously, caused consternation in the CBD community. A decision like this would effectively restrict the sale of CBD as a food product, putting a stop to the multibillion-euro industry's rise.

Don't worry, the storey gets better from here. This is where the decision of the Supreme Court comes into play.

In the United States, CBD is legal.

Three of the most well-known health and wellness retailers in the United States carry CBD-based products: CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid. According to the business, cannabidiol topicals will be sold in around 800 CVS stores.

Walgreens quickly followed suit, revealing that CBD topicals would be offered in over 1,500 of their shops across the country. In two states in the United States, Rite Aid has recently opted to join in and carry these products: Washington and Oregon. Two well-known beauty companies, Ulta Beauty and Sephora, have begun to stock CBD-based cosmetics in their stores. More people are expected to follow suit.

Final Thoughts

Analysts and experts predict that global cannabidiol consumption will soar in the next years, with predictions that demand in the United States will eventually surpass global demand.

CBD's multiple health and wellness benefits have paved the path for its global popularity, and many people all over the world are ready to benefit from this natural solution to a variety of health concerns.

When selecting a CBD brand, be sure you're working with a reputable company that stands behinds their product's quality. Check to see if they go to great efforts to ensure that their customers get high-quality CBD products that are both safe and healthy to use.