Is CBD Safe for Pets? A Vet Weighs In.

Is CBD Safe for Pets? A Vet Weighs In.

21st Nov 2021

Dr. Katherine Kramer, a veterinarian at Vancouver Animal Wellness Clinic, is not authorised to prescribe or even promote CBD for dogs unless she is expressly asked about it, according to the College of Veterinarians of British Columbia. "I think I should wear a button that reads, 'Ask me about CBD,'" Kramer jokes. She appreciates the chance to raise awareness because her clients' results have been "nothing short of miracles" over the past six years. Kramer specialises in geriatric patients, so she knows personally how CBD can help with pain, arthritis, nausea, seizures, and anxiety.

It may even aid in the treatment of behavioural disorders. "Some dogs had such terrible behaviour problems before using CBD, and anxiety in an urban setting can skyrocket," Dr. Kramer explains, "but soon after taking it, owners tell me they've got their dog back."

Dr. Kramer would have laughed if you told her six years ago that she would "talk" medical marijuana with her patients. When a customer who worked with human patients who were being treated with medicinal marijuana proposed that his cat take it as well, she had a "aha moment." "His cat was suffering from a variety of ailments, and prescribed narcotics were knocking him out and altering his appetite, so he had nothing to lose." Dr. Kramer continues, "He was willing to try CBD, so we figured out the dosage, and the cat healed quickly; his hunger and vigour returned, and we were able to lower the conventional drugs." "After that, he lived a few more good years, and I began to look into more concerning instances."

Dr. Kramer used to get a CBD call about once a month; now, her clinic receives calls from vets and people all over North America. In a nutshell, her advise is as follows:

#1 Talk to your veterinarian about anything you're thinking about trying; your veterinarian will need to learn about these products as well. If enough pet owners ask, the veterinary community will be forced to act.

#2 It's critical to use a product that has been quality-controlled. Be cautious of the items you consume because they could be laced with THC (more on that below on the left) or contain insufficient CBD to be effective. The FDA recently discovered that 90% of the items they examined contained little or no CBD or had components that did not match the description. Request a proof of analysis from the source, and if you have any reservations, start with the real hemp line, which is completely safe.

#3 When it comes to dose, the current adage is "start low, progress slow." And then there's the rule of thumb. 5 milligrammes per pound of body weight A little goes a long way (e.g., 5 mg per 10 pounds), therefore a little goes a long way.

Dr. Kramer believes CBD has immense medicinal promise, but there is a legal concern, primarily due to a lack of clinical trials. "I'm hopeful that as more research and studies are conducted, the legal restrictions will be broken down, and we will be able to prescribe CBD," she adds.