The Surprising Truth About CBD Bath Bombs You Won't Believe | My Beeri

10th Jan 2022

The Surprising Truth About CBD Bath Bombs You Won't Believe | My Beeri

Every month, a plethora of new CBD products hit the market, ranging from CBD deodorant to CBD chocolate and everything in between. All of these new CBD products are undeniably trendy, but do they actually work?

Because manufacturers and marketers have realised the allure of adding CBD to everything, not all CBD products are made equal. This week, we'll take a deeper look at CBD bath bombs, which are one such product.

Allow us to address the question, "Do CBD Bath Bombs Work?" with some basic facts and point you in the direction of other alternatives that might be a better fit for your CBD experience


What Is A CBD Bath Bomb And How Does It Work?

Bath bombs are densely packed herbal and essential oil mixes that add colour, scent, and bubbles to bathwater. Mo Constantine, the founder of Lush Cosmetics, had the idea for the first bath bomb in 1989, and it transformed bath time forever.

CBD bath bombs take advantage of the popularity of both bath bombs and CBD by combining two popular relaxation and rejuvenation products.

What Are the Advantages of CBD Bath Bombs?

Benefits of CBD bath bombs are said to include:

  • Purification of the skin
  • A soothing feeling
  • Relaxation on all levels

CBD bath bombs should be placed in a warm, full bath tub, where they will dissolve and fizz, emitting colours or scents in addition to other epsom salts or essential oils.

Each CBD bath bomb contains anywhere from 30-150mg of CBD.

What Are the Benefits of CBD Bath Bombs?

There is currently no evidence to back up claims that CBD bath bombs have real-world impacts.

The bath is the only aspect of a CBD bath bomb that has been scientifically validated. A simple warm bath, in fact, has been scientifically demonstrated to:

  • Improve your cardiovascular health.
  • Assist you in breathing more easily
  • The brain and neurological system will be calmed.
  • Muscles, joints, and bones will be soothed.
  • Enhance your gut health
  • Assist in hormone balance

Hair and skin should be moisturised.

While the benefits of CBD bath bombs have yet to be demonstrated, the usage of CBD products topically and orally has been scientifically proven to improve mental and physical health.

cbd bath bombs and a lighted candle next to the tub

CBD Bath Bombs: Are They Topical CBD?

Although manufacturers and marketers would like the public to assume that CBD bath bombs are the same as topical CBD, there is a significant difference.

Take our best-selling CBD Cooling Rub 1000MG, for example.

You might get up to 35MG of CBD soaking deep into your ache or agony by placing just one dollop of our unique cooling rub on an area of discomfort. That's a hefty dosage.

Sitting in a 75-gallon bathtub filled with 50MG of diluted CBD does not qualify as topical use because it isn't delivered in a concentrated, direct dose to the skin's surface.

Are CBD Bath Bombs Effective?

CBD bath bombs don't work, and the proof is right in front of your eyes. Here are three reasons why CBD bath bombs aren't effective.

1. Bath bombs containing CBD do not penetrate the skin.

Topical CBD products, as you may know, work miracles. CBD bath bombs, on the other hand, aren't considered topical CBD.

The most important part of utilising a topical CBD medication is that it needs time to seep into the epidermis. CBD bath bombs don't have the same impact because CBD sits on the surface of the water in a bathtub.

2. CBD bath bombs contain diluted CBD.

CBD bath bombs are usually supplied in low-strengths but are marketed as high-strengths. On a famous CBD website, we discovered that each of their bath bombs contained only 50MG of CBD. If you diluted those 50MG of CBD in a bath of water (about 75 gallons), it wouldn't have enough of an effect, and most of the CBD would be washed down the drain.

Any soothing sensation experienced after utilising a CBD bath bomb is most likely due to the fact that they took a bath rather than the CBD that is suspended on the water's surface.

3. CBD oil does not dissolve in water.

When we looked into popular internet recipes for making your own CBD bath bombs, we were startled to discover that the bulk of them used CBD oil. Isn't it common knowledge and science that water and oil don't mix? As previously stated, the oil would merely sit on top of the water and would be unable to perform as intended.

CBD Bath Bombs Alternatives

Many people use CBD bath bombs to relieve physical aches and pains, but there are a few alternatives that can give you more bang for your buck.

CBD topicals, lotions, and balms from Neurogan

CBD Topicals are a type of CBD oil.

If you want a brighter complexion, healthier skin, or relief from persistent aches and pains, CBD topical solutions are your best bet.

CBD's potential to relieve physical pain is related to the large number of cannabinoid receptors on our skin. Chemicals like CBD engage directly with these cannabinoid receptors in our systems to help reduce pain and support normal inflammatory function.

Chronic skin diseases have been connected to inflammation, and thankfully, CBD's research on inflammation-related issues is beginning to mount up. Professor Matthew Halpert of Baylor College of Medicine recently published a study that showed CBD's potential to lower the generation of inflammatory markers linked to arthritis.